November 29th, 2011

Top 10 organizing mistakes

Written by Lucy Sharpe
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Welcome to my blog! I hope you will enjoy the stories and tips that are soon to come, and mostly, I hope that this blog will help you think outside the box to help you find more free time. I’d like to introduce this blog by giving you a top ten list of what I think are the most important organizing mistakes that people make, and once a month for ten months I will post a detailed description of each mistake with a solution to the problem.

Here are the top ten issues we will be discussing in the coming weeks:
  1. Procrastinating
  2. Buying organizing products before we know what we will use them for
  3. Having unclear goals
  4. Forgetting to Delegate
  5. Thinking we can manage time, when really we can only manage projects
  6. Holding onto the ‘just in case’
  7. Believing that items hold the memories instead of triggering memories
  8. Keeping presents that we don’t enjoy
  9. Expecting perfection of ourselves and others
  10. Living to work instead of working to live
Visit next week for thoughts on Procrastination, Positive Inertia

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