Organizing Your Business

Most of Sharpe Organizing Solutions’ Business clients own their own company either at home or outside the home and range from recent start-ups to well established businesses. They are generally experts in their field, are incredibly busy and have little time to organize to do lists and operations.

Disorganization has been shown over and over again to be incredibly expensive. It is said that for each employee, 1 hour per day is lost due to disorganization. If there are 240 working days in a year, and you have one employee that makes $20 per hour, this equals a total annual loss of $4,800 in productivity. Multiply this result by the number of employees you have to get a more realistic picture of how much disorganization is costing your company.

Whether looking to improve your personal efficiency at work or the operations of your business, organizing simply helps you save time and money with the added benefit of reducing stress and improving quality of life. Sharpe Organizing Solutions can work one-on-one with you to increase your productivity, and save you time and money.

Sharpe Organizing Solutions supports businesses in the following ways:

  • Paper flow / filing
  • Procedure/operations manuals
  • ‘Time Management’
  • General Office Organizing / Spaces
  • Small Office
  • Associations / Non-profit

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