Here's what some people have said about Sharpe Organizing Solutions:

My life was starting to feel completely physically, mentally and emotionally out of control. Within hours of Lucy beginning to organize my home, peace of mind was restored, and the level of stress in the household was incredibly reduced. Thank you, Lucy, for all your hard work, energy and enthusiasm in working with us and giving us the tools we need to maintain our new organized lifestyle. You’re an angel!

Nicole Q. Toronto, Ontario

Lucy is absolutely fabulous! She came over and helped me work through the really hard stuff. I was surprised at how many boxes we got through in such a short time. I feel like she unplugged something in me. I absolutely love her !! She is the perfect choice for a smart move!!

Nancy H. Toronto, Ontario

I knew I needed help with getting my space organized. I had tried to do it on my own, but the job always got bogged down. And the “mess” was interfering with my efficiency and getting me down emotionally. Lucy Sharpe helped me so much. She took the time, even before coming to see the “mess”, to find out what my challenges are, in terms of organization. And when she came in the door, she reassured me that we could straighten it all out. She found new ways we could store things, and prodded me to choose what I really need and to toss what I don’t. She has energy and a fun way of approaching challenges. I enjoyed working with Lucy. I learned a lot, especially new habits that will help me to stay organized. And my place looks much better and I feel much better.

Tony P. Toronto, Ontario

Lucy is so amazing! I was a little concerned about having her come into my home because it was such an organizing disaster but she made me feel like it was normal. She created systems for my toiletries and shelving units. We got rid of 5 garbage bags of stuff that I no longer needed but kept because I didn’t think about it. I really wish that I saw her earlier because my space is so much easier to deal with. Thank you so much Lucy!

Caroline M. Toronto, Ontario

It was just a few weeks ago that you helped me organize my kitchen. I’m writing to let you know how much I appreciate the work you did for us. Now, I am so much more relaxed especially when friends arrive early and I’m still in the kitchen taking care of last minute touches! I must tell you that I had braced myself for a much more challenging process. So I thank you for your knowledge, for all the solutions that you seemed to pull out of your hat in a split second. The best compliment I can give you is that my chaos didn’t faze you at all! You brought so much to the project. Your skills at figuring out space and needs/necessities is natural to you. I was also surprised that since you came I use more of the “precious things that were collecting dust”. And I must add that your warmth helped the process along every step of the way. Thank you Lucy, thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Louise N. Toronto, Ontario

Sharpe Organizing solutions helped me with some of my company’s organizational and operational challenges. Lucy was professional, reliable, and a genuine pleasure to work with. I have no doubt that the procedures she helped me develop will help improve efficiency and save me time and money.

Shaun Hensher, Owner, Hensher Creative